Meet our team!

Diego Olmedo

Has been serving as President since September 2012. Previously Diego served as vice -president from 2010 to 2012. Diego is on all committees and involved in the day to day operations while working alongside members in the FDK Program and working in partnership.

Tanya Pereira 

Marie Dennis Williams

As Treasurer, it is her role to create the budget, maintain all financial records and present reports to the Local and ETFO annually. She attends conferences and workshops when necessary as directed by our local President. Marie was elected to the Executive in Spring 2014.

Laura Silva 

Rose Bellissimo-Green 

As Executive Member at Large in September 2016. Rose has worked collaboratively with the local Executive to take the lead on many social functions and outreach initiatives. Rose has also attended Provincial Annual Meeting, Rep Council and the ETFO Collective Bargaining Conference.

Ariane Fanjoy

Committees : 






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